Suhyun Shin

I'm a MS-Phd student at POSTECH Computer Graphics Lab under the supervision of Prof. Seung-Hwan Baek.

My research focuses on Computer vision and Computer graphics, with a particular interest in the interaction between light and objects. Recently, my interest lie in capturing both the spectral and 3D geometric information of objects, integrating software, hardware, and optical techniques. I aim to understand the interactions between light and objects and to extract hidden information from these interactions. My goal is to implement these studies in a differentiable manner, using AI technologies to achieve more innovative and impactful results. I am enthusiastic about continuing research in areas related to cameras, displays, optics, and lenses, and I intend to make significant contributions to this field.

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I'm interested in computer graphics, deep learning, and optics. My recent research is about Hyperspectral 3D imaging, which reconstructs high quality depth and spectral information using a diffraction grating film.

Dispersed Structured Light for Hyperspectral 3D Imaging
Suhyun Shin, Seokjun Choi, Felix Heide, Seung-Hwan Baek
CVPR, 2024
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High quality hyperspectral 3D imaging using dispersed structured light.


POSTECH Sept.2022 - Present

M.S-Ph.d in Departement of Artificial Intelligence

Chung-ang University, Mar.2017 - Aug.2022

B.S in Department of Mathematics

Source code credit to Dr.Jon Barron.